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Tired of overpaying for your medicare supplements?

Basic medicare information

What is Medicare?

Medicare is a federal health insurance program for people who are 65 or older, basically it contains two options, Regular Medicare and Medicare Advantage. If you have Regular Medicare your coverage is 80% of all costs, leaving you to pay for the other 20%. There are also additional medicare supplements plans to cover the additional 20% which we will talk about later.

If you have Medicare Advantage you will have to pay copays and a max out-of-pocket which is on average $6,700 per year if you get sick or you have to go to the hospital. Plus with Medicare Advantage you can only go to their hospitals and doctors.

When can I change my plans?

If you have Medicare Advantage, you can only change your plan between (October 15 to December 7) which doesn’t leave you any options between the year.

If you have Regular Medicare, you can change your main Medicare plan between (October 15 to December 7) but you are able to buy/change a medicare supplement plan at any time during the year.

Medicare time to enroll
Help with medicare supplements

how can we help?

If you have Regular Medicare, on average 70% of people are overpaying for their supplement plans. How is that possible you ask? Well since all supplements are from 3rd-party providers the government regulates them with one strict rule.

All supplement plans MUST have the exact coverage, so it doesn’t matter if you buy from the biggest insurance company or the smallest one. The only difference is the price! If you are paying $200 for plan H, one of our agents will be able to find your exact plan for much cheaper price without losing any benefits.

If you don’t have a supplement plan yet, let one of our agents assist you in picking the right plan for you!

Why pay more money for the same coverage?

Let us help you find the right supplement for your budget!

Let us do the legwork and connect you with one of our licensed agents who will assist you and find a better price for your
Medicare Supplement. Our agents only deal with A+ Top Rated Insurance Companies.

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